Writing and sealing wax kit

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Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets: 2 Years Later

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Tire and Footprint Plaster Casting Kit

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De Big Shot is een compacte machine voor het stansen en embossen van figuren. Het apparaat verkrijgt haar enorme stabiliteit door de speciale vormgeving.

Get started with Adafruit GEMMA with this lovely starter kit!

Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets: 2 Years Later

Included is everything you need to make a basic project. There's a GEMMA board, four sewable bright RGB pixels, a battery holder and batteries, 2-ply conductive thread, alligator clips to help you test out your circuit, and a.

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Sealing Wax

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From the simplest design to the most complicated crest, our Custom Wax Seal stamps are individually engraved to make a clear and precise impression in wax, using state of the art laser engravings.

De Big Shot is een compacte machine voor het stansen en embossen van figuren. Het apparaat verkrijgt haar enorme stabiliteit door de speciale vormgeving. Wax & Seal Kits & Gift Sets. Additional kit options are also offered on most of our Wax Seal Stamp Pages.

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Initial Wax Seal Kit with Italian Cappolletterra font Our Price: US$ Stationery Writing Set with Quill Dip Pen, Ink, Wax Seal Stamp & Sealing Wax- & Classica Stationery.

Writing and sealing wax kit
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