The history of the atomic bomb and how how atomic energy is produced

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Atomic bomb

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Manhattan Project

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History leading to the creation of the atomic bomb

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This flash of energy can permanently destroy or disrupt electronic equipment if insufficiently shielded. The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

PBS website on the history of the H-bomb. Sep 06,  · The atomic bomb, and nuclear bombs, are powerful weapons that use nuclear reactions as their source of explosive energy.

Scientists first developed nuclear weapons technology during World War II. Many scientists who had produced the atomic bombs were against its use and argued to the end that the bomb should not be used for ethical reasons. They also warned of an arms race that would develop at the end of the war.

atomic bomb or A-bomb, weapon deriving its explosive force from the release of nuclear energy through the fission (splitting) of heavy atomic nuclei. The first atomic bomb was produced at the Los Alamos,, laboratory and successfully tested on July 16, Building on scientific breakthroughs made during the s, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada collaborated during World War II, in what was called the Manhattan Project, to counter the suspected Nazi German atomic bomb project.

Atomic bomb, also called atom bomb, weapon with great explosive power that results from the sudden release of energy upon the splitting, or fission, of the nuclei of a heavy element such as plutonium or uranium.

The history of the atomic bomb and how how atomic energy is produced
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