Sociology and correct answer

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Sociology Questions and Answers

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Best answer: If you are working, and contributing to the household, both financially & physically, its time you sat down with her and explain that part of being grown, is having a social life. She cannot prevent you from going out, she can make life difficult, but neither of you can go on like this.

Sociology was later defined independently by the French philosopher of science, Auguste Comte (–) in To have given clear and unified answers in familiar empirical terms to those theoretical questions which most occupied men's minds at the time, and to have deduced from them clear practical directives without creating.

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Question and Correct Answer Essay. straightforward and will not be convoluted. Normally, you can eliminate 3 of the 5 answers if you are still confused go back to the question for a possible indication of what the correct answer is. The ETS ® Major Field Test for Sociology consists of multiple-choice questions, some of which are grouped in sets and based on such materials as diagrams, graphs and statistical data.

Most of the questions require knowledge of specific sociological information, but the test also draws on the student's ability to interpret data, to apply concepts and ideas, and to analyze sociological data. Following is the answer key for the recently conducted General Studies Paper – 1 (Set – C) of the UPSC civil services preliminary exam.

We have tried to provide best possible explanation for each question based on various authentic sources.

Sociology and correct answer
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