Pyramus and thisbe

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Greek Mythology

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Translation:Metamorphoses/Pyramus and Thisbe

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Script of Act V A Midsummer Night's Dream The play by William Shakespeare. Introduction This section contains the script of Act V of A Midsummer Night's Dream the play by William Shakespeare. The enduring works of William Shakespeare feature many famous and well loved characters.

Pyramus and Thisbe: The Burlesque Scenes from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Arranged in Two Acts. With Full Stage Directions and Suggestions.

Citation Machine helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite your website in APA format for free. Pyramus was the handsomest youth, and Thisbe the fairest maiden, in all Babylonia, where Semiramis reigned.

Their parents occupied adjoining houses; and neighbourhood brought the young people together, and acquaintance ripened into love. They would gladly have married, but their parents forbade.

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Pyramus and thisbe
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