Program evaluation and review techniquecritical path method essay

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Program Evaluation and Review Technique (pert) and Critical Path Analysis (cpa)

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Program Evaluation And Review Technique (Pert) And Critical Path Analysis (Cpa)

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Program Evaluation and Review Technique/Critical path method Essay

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PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique, a methodology developed by the U.S. Navy in the s to manage the Polaris submarine missile program.A similar methodology, the Critical Path Method (CPM) was developed for project management in the private sector at about the same.

Compose the tasks that would be needed to complete a Gantt chart (project schedule) for outsourcing the company’s payroll system. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a Gantt chart versus using the Performance evaluation and review technique (PERT) and critical path method (CPM) when managing projects.

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Critical path method

PROGRAM EVALUATION AND REVIEW TECHNIQUE (PERT) Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) is a scheduling method originally designed to plan a manufacturing project by employing a network of interrelated activities, coordinating optimum cost and time criteria.

The critical path method (CPM), or critical path analysis (CPA), is an algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities. It is commonly used in conjunction with the program evaluation and review .

Program evaluation and review techniquecritical path method essay
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