Humanitarian assistance and sierra leone essay

Important Skills for Humanitarian Professionals Working in a Contemporary Conflict Environment

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Sierra Leone

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Elections in Sierra Leone November 16, This will be the third presidential election since Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war ended inand it will be an important benchmark for judging the extent of its post-conflict recovery. The role of religion in Sierra Leone's civil war Even since the war has ended, the IRCSL continues to work in the areas of advocacy, peace building, sensitization, humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation.

The Article 7(2) Richards recently wrote an essay entitled. Coe 5 Under Security Council resolutionthe mandate for the peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone was created.

UNAMSIL would be tasked with creating a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration program, monitoring the ceasefire agreement and deliver humanitarian assistance. In Sierra Leone held fair elections for the president and parliament.

Will these lead to increased development and democracy? This essay by the Center for Global Development assesses the elections from the perspective of the country’s troubled history and post-conflict state building. The recent curfew in Sierra Leone is an important step in putting an end to the Ebola epidemic.

“ million people in parts of Sierra Leone have been asked not to leave their homes for three days”, says Jochen Moninger, country coordinator for Welthungerhilfe. The companies have shipped arms, diamonds and other valuable minerals, or narcotics such as cocaine and khat, fuelling conflicts in Angola, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan.

Humanitarian assistance and sierra leone essay
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