Geopolitical nursing and phenomenological community

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Community Assessment

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Community as Client - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This cover uses a good rubric. A geopolitical community is defined by Maurer & Smith (, pg ) as “a spatial designation, a geographical or geopolitical area or place. It can either be formed by manmade boundaries such as a street, bridges, highway, or by natural boundaries like mountains.

Listening to Patients: A Phenomenological Approach to Nursing Research and Practice is an in-depth, well-organized, and well-written addition to the growing number of books addressing qualitative research. As the title suggests, this book addresses one qualitative approach, phenomenology-a method that focuses on the lived experience of research.

A major phenomenological method which their article leaves out, dialogical phenomenology, is of particular interest here for two reasons. One is that it is the easiest to incorporate into a class or training program, and the other is that it is closer to clinical or counseling intervention than either empirical or hermaneutical phenomenology.

COMMUNITY HEALTH Community may be defined by one of two designations: geopolitical (spatial) or phenomenological (relational).

A geopolitical community is a community with defined geographical and jurisdictional boundaries, such as rural municipalities, towns or city communities.5/5(2). Concepts in Community and Public Health - Community/Public Health Nursing.

What is the geopolitical community in you live? Why is it geopolitical? 2. What is a phenomenological community to which you belong? Why is it a phenomenological community? 3. Community assessment: application to community/public health nursing practice Assessment, the first step of the nursing process, forms the foundation for determining the client’s health, regardless of whether the client is an individual, a family, or a community.

Geopolitical nursing and phenomenological community
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