Disadvantage and advantage of single parenting

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What Are Some Disadvantages of Single-Parent Families?

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Advantages & Disadvantages for Children in a Single-Parent Family

With the more rise in divorces, people delaying marriage, and many other against the traditional marriage route, there are many purposes why children are being handled in a single mom home.

However, single parent homes can offer many opportunities for self-growth for children along with other benefits. You can commiserate with your kids about their different lifestyle from their peers, but be sure to stress the advantages of their situation, too, along with offering lots of love.

Parenting on your own can be difficult, and the disadvantages of single parenting are often numerous and overwhelming.

However, the rewards of single parenting are just as prolific and gratifying. Keith Ablow, in an article for Fox News, "The Psychological Impact of Single Parenting," commented that in divorced families, the children are often afraid to express loving feelings about the other parent.

Thus, the biggest disadvantage of single parenting is the need for adequate support systems to be available, of good quality, and at low-cost. But, the single parent also needs more time to manage these support systems or may be the only choice.

Raising a child in a single-parent home can be both difficult and enriching. This marked a growing trend of single-parent families, a group comprised of parents who have both intentionally elected to embark upon single-parenthood, and those who found themselves parenting solo as a result of divorce, death or unplanned pregnancy.

One of the single parent family advantages and disadvantages is that the child learns to understand what is expected of them and the consequences for their actions at a younger age. Disadvantages Children raised in a single family home can, however, have emotional issues.

Disadvantage and advantage of single parenting
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Advantages single parenting