Censorship and ethics in malaysia

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Ethics in Business: Walking the ethical track in Malaysia – a perspective

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Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, prominent Malaysian businessman and adviser of the government, shares his views on business ethics in Malaysia and how better practices could be. There have been mixed messages and confusion regarding Internet censorship in Malaysia.

Internet content is officially uncensored, and civil liberties assured, though on numerous occasions the former government () has been accused of filtering politically sensitive sites.

As Malaysia is a Muslim country, it makes these laws as “pro bono” in the Malaysian society. In regards of ethics, the censorship board’s implementation of this law is ethical. But the issues are also related to the internet, what happens at home, how society perceives women or men.

Internet censorship and surveillance by country

Malaysia is a country where most media are either directly or indirectly owned by the government or ruling political parties. This ownership regime allows the government to exercise another layer of control.

Malaysia has always practiced those stringent forms of media censorship banning over hundreds of movies, songs, television, print and other media sources that contains an explicit or derogatory contents that is contrary to upholding morality which is expected in the local society.

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How does media censorship violate freedom of expression and impact businesses. Discuss how censorship of the media is a violation of the freedom of expression and its impact on businesses in Malaysia.

Censorship and ethics in malaysia
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