Better and my immediate supervisor

Six Steps to Becoming a Good Supervisor

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10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors

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May 07,  · Eric Preven, 50, is a television writer, line producer and consultant who has been a year resident of Studio City. Oct 16,  · According to a recent Spherion “Emerging Workforce” study, most workers rate their relationship with their supervisor as good, great or excellent (84%). Your supervisor may be many things, but it is doubtful they are a mind-reader.

So if something is not working for you at work that your supervisor can influence, and it matters to you that it is not working, you will want to find your voice. I'm an employee of the Department of Veteran Affairs and my immediate supervisor and a contractor under his direct supervision are acting inappropriately.

Durin ga meeting, he berated me for the better part of an hour for not doing her job and when she felt that he'd somehow gotten the better of me.

Better and my immediate supervisor
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